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SEVA Award Night

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SEVA 2015 Award Night Red Carpet | Student producer interviews

Student Producers Discuss Their Video Productions

More than 1000 students, teachers and parents attended the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium’s (SECC) 26th annual SEVA Award Night on Wednesday, May 6 at the Sacramento State University Ballroom to celebrate the 2015 Student Educational Video Awards. Student producers were honored in the categories of PSA, Creative Expression, Documentary, Instructional and School News.

The SEVA Award Night began at 6:00 pm with the Red Carpet event, a opportunity for all student producers to discuss their work and be photographed by student paparazzi.
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John Hull

2015 Allan Hinderstein Award Honors Luther Burbank HS Educator

John Hull, a digital media instructor at Luther Burbank High School, was honored as the 2015 Allan Hinderstein Award recipient at SECC’s SEVA Award Night May 6 at the Sacramento State University ballroom. Hull supports students not only by teaching digital media and journalism on his campus, but he’s also a local journalist who highlights student sports achievements and an adjunct professor at Cosumnes River College. And Hull’s students have submitted more than 140 entries to the SEVA contest in the past seven years!

Each year, SECC honors a special teacher with the Allan Hinderstein Award which was created in remembrance of a visionary educator who collaborated with the consortium to create a variety of innovative teaching and learning projects. The recipient is a teacher who has a passion for using multimedia as a learning tool to engage students.
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Attending the SEVA Award Night

By Edward Jung, Mira Loma High School
On May 6, 2015, hundreds of students, educators and parents gathered for the SEVA Award Night, an event that celebrated multiple successes in the various video categories within the competition such as School News, Informational, Creative Expression, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and Documentaries.

I personally had the pleasure to be there and be completely immersed in the great environment at this event with attractions such as interviews for the student producers, a Red Carpet-esque display area and a massive 1000+ amount of attendees from all around the Sacramento area. I was able to ask a few questions from some attendees; to start, Jordan W. and Katie S. from Stonelake Elementary talked about how the SEVA competition really made them grow as students during the construction of their entry.

“I would definitely do it next year. Our class’ anti-tobacco message really helped us to work in groups and have fun, too!” said Jordan with a wide smile on his face. “It was hard sometimes, but it really made me happy to see with my eyes what I had helped make.”

I was also able to talk with Jeff Darrow, the media class teacher for Winston Churchill Middle School. According to Mr. Darrow, approximately 40 students had participated in the SEVAs from his class, and the topics they chose were extremely varied, from documentaries to school news. He explained how in his class he teaches the students to use camera angles, sound and lighting to create the best project possible. Also from Winston Churchill, Mairead M. and Emily S. answered a few questions for me about the program and their participation in the SEVA competition.

Video: Students from Winston Churchill Middle School won the Documentary 7-8 SEVA

 According to Emily, they both were able to learn a lot and improve in their filming and editing skills because of their instruction from Mr. Darrow. Mairead told me that their documentary on equality really opened their eyes and influenced their lives positively in the area of respecting others.

The Sacramento State University Ballroom was packed with students, educators and parents who had come to celebrate their successes at the SEVA Awards Night. The skill and motivation within these participants was wonderful to see, and the skills they learn from this competition will hopefully stick with them for the rest of their lives.

This Month on Cable

Jesus Debate


Los Rios Community College District

Jesus Debate: Lord or Legend?
> Watch in the Video Gallery
Sacramento City College hosted The Jesus Debate: Lord or Legend? with David Smalley of Dogma Debate on March 25, 2015.
May 18 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm | C. 16
May 23, 27 | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | C. 15

Natomas USD Drum CorpsNatomas Unified School District

Natomas High School Drum Corps Tour 2015
> Watch in the Video Gallery
NHS bandleader Floyd Kennedy took his talented percussionists to Las Vegas and Southern California in March for performances and workshops. This video spotlights that trip and was created by Heron School teacher Charles King with video contributions from Kyle Steudal, a Natomas High student, and Francis Kumar, a former NHS student.
On Cable 16: May 28 | 10:00 am;
May 17, 24 | 2:30 pm; May 30 | 4:30 pm

Fairfax Network
Community Keynotes on Cable 15
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Explicit Instruction
Dr. Anita Archer, author of Explicit Instruction, speaks with Fairfax County Public School teachers and administrators about a systematic, engaging and success-oriented method for improving student achievement.
May 26, 30 | 1:00 pm

Mindfulness Training in Our Schools
A nationally recognized mindfulness teacher and author discusses how practicing mindfulness can help improve a student’s ability to respond to events and circumstances with clarity and balance.

Family Involvement Equals School Success
Family involvement in a child’s education is one of the most important ways to ensure their success.
Shown together: May 7, 28 | 9:00 am
Family Involvement Equals School Success
May 15, 29 | 1:00 pm

CSU Long Beach

Beginning Yoga | 1:00 pm | C. 15
Breath and Awareness; Movement
May 21 | 1:00; repeats 5:00 pm

Finding More Space; Sun Salutations
May 22 | 1:00 pm; repeats 5:00 pm

Sun Salutations; Building Foundations
May 25 | 1:00 pm; repeats 5:00 pm

External Poses, Warrior II, Side Angle, Triangle; Two Neutral Poses
May 27 | 1:00 pm; repeats 5:00 pm

Yoga Flow; Hip Openers
May 28 | 1:00 pm; repeats 5:00 pm

Science How?

Smithsonian - Science How? on Cable 15

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Smithsonian Science How? features the research and personalities of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History providing positive STEM role models, information about science careers and connections to current research.

Volcano Geochemistry: Windows to Earth's Interior; Paleobotany: Climate Change Past and Present: May 18 | 1:00 pm

Human Evolution: Early Human Diets; Paleobotany: Climate Change
May 21, 24 | 6:00 pm

Paleobiology: Unearthing Fossil Whales;
Deep Reef Biodiversity

May 23, 26, 28, 30 | 6:00 pm

Bats in CrisisUSGS
> Learn more

Bats in Crisis
Learn about white-nose syndrome (WNS), a devastating disease of hibernating bats that has killed an estimated 5.5 million across the northeastern U.S.
May 18, 25 | 8:00 pm | C. 15

More from SECC and Member School Districts

ARC Fashion ProgramARC Fashion ShowLos Rios Community Colleges

American River College Fashion Program
> Visit the program's Facebook page
SECC, with member producer Los Rios Community Colleges, is creating a documentary on the 2015 ARC Fashion Program — a unique semester-long learning exercise that culminated with the students’ Fashion Show, Aura, on May 1. The finished video, Fashion Matters: The Fashion Show as Teaching Laboratory, will air on cable and tell the story of this unique learning exercise. The annual fashion show is produced by the Fashion 393 Promotion Class where the students are divided into four committees: show direction, marketing, modeling and visual design and stage management.

California Capital Book Festival on Cable 15
> Watch in SECC's Video Gallery now
> Los Rios Community Colleges online
SECC partnered with member Los Rios Community College District to record author sessions at the California Capital Book Festival at the Sacramento Convention Center.
Short Story; Imani's Moon; This Day in June; Fiction Discussion; Writing Your Book
May 25 | 10:00 am; May 28 | 3:00 pm | C. 15

SEVA Training SeriesSEVA Training Series on Cable 15
> Watch the series in SECC's Video Gallery

Finding Copyright Cleared Resources
Educator Jim Bentley from Foulks Ranch Elementary School in the Elk Grove USD shares tips about finding copyright cleared resources to use in video production.

The Perfect Ingredients for Making Videos
Educator Thuy Pham from Creative Connections Arts Academy in the Twin Rivers USD uses the analogy of cooking to help participants learn more about following the recipe to make great videos.
May 24, 31 | 9:00 am

Archival Images, Sound, Copyright and You
Learn how to find free images and music for your video productions and understand how copyright laws apply to video.
May 24 | 9:00 am; May 27 | 2:00 pm

CapCUE 2014
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Digital Storytelling
Ryan O'Donnell, a Rocklin High School media teacher, shares his knowledge and tools for making videos with students. Learn about the impact that movies and digital storytelling can make in any classroom. From storyboarding, shooting, editing and publishing, this session covers all the steps that any teacher, from newbie to expert, needs to create powerful videos.

Be the Jedi Master of Search
Learn the tips and tricks of everything you ever wanted to learn about “search.” Ryan O'Donnell covers topics including searching the Web, social media, documents and information about copyright, fair use and licensing under Creative Commons.

StudentsShown together: May 26 | 3:00 pm | C. 15

Sacramento City USD Video Promo

Students at Tahoe Elementary School had a chance to meet their district's superintendent, Mr. José Banda, and talk about their school with him. Before Mr. Banda arrived, the students learned about lighting, the teleprompter and how the video would be used by the district and SECC to explain what the district offers its students.
> Watch the video now in SECC's Video Gallery

Elk Grove Unified School District

Math Generation
> Watch in the Video Gallery
This series captures best practices, builds knowledge and provides content for school sites and teachers as they embrace the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS math implementation is challenging, and teachers need to understand the content and pedagogical skills and strategies necessary for their 21st century students to be competitive and college and career ready.

Webcasts and Other Programs

Medal of FreedomWhite House

2014 Medal of Freedom Recipients
The president honors recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions.
May 18 | 7:00 pm; May 29 | 6:00 pm | C. 15
> Visit the White House website

A Conversation with the First Lady and Mrs. Laura Bush
During the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Symposium for African Spouses, the First Lady and Mrs. Laura Bush took part in a moderated conversation with NPR’s Cokie Roberts.
May 18 | 6:00 pm | C. 15; May 24 | 5:00 pm

Kennedy Center

Shen Wei Dance Arts | May 20, 27 | 8:00 am | C. 16

JFK Library Foundation Forums on Cable 16

JFK Library Forum Series

This series of public affairs conversations is offered by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to foster public discussion on a diverse range of historical, political and cultural topics. The programs reflect the Kennedys' legacy and are dedicated to those who seek a new and better world through the art of politics.

Civil Rights and the Black Power Movement; Chris Matthews on JFK | May 22 | 2:15 pm

Why Doctors Fail; The Presidency and Civil Rights | May 24 | 5:00 pm

A Conversation with President Jimmy Carter; A Conversation with Timothy Shriver | May 19, 26 | 2:00 pm

Politics and the Pope; The Life of Nelson Rockefeller | May 21 | 2:00 pm

Transformed by Art | May 23 | 11:00 am

Steven Brill on the Passage of the Affordable Care Act; Politics and the Pope | May 28 | 2:00 pm

Creating Equal Striving Toward Justice for All; Steven Brill on the Passage of the Affordable Care Act | May 29 | 2:00 pm

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