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April 2014What's New

SEVA Studio LabsNew Lab at Taylor Street Elementary School
Instrumental in helping to meet many of the Common Core Standards, the new SEVA Studio Lab installed at Taylor Street Elementary School in the Robla School District gives young students a head start at becoming college and career ready. According to Mark Lawler, SECC Board Member and educator, the lab will aid in “the development of collaboration skills so necessary in today’s work environment.” Students will use the lab for a weekly school newscast with plans to expand the information sharing district wide and also as a multimedia presentation tool in the science and language arts areas.

SEVA Studio Labs students are encouraged to enter their educational videos in the annual SEVA contest and share their work with the community on SECC’s cable channels.

> Learn more about the SEVA Studio Labs

Video HighlightsMore Video

SEVA All Entries Reel | For more 25 years, SECC has worked with students and teachers exploring the value of video production. The SEVA contest is open to all Sacramento county students (K-20) and celebrates the talents and visions of student video producers. Take a look at clips from all of this year's entries.

On Cable This Month

Internment photoTime of

During the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans, two-thirds of them U.S. citizens, were evacuated and “relocated” to detention camps established by the government. Because they looked like the enemy, many would spend the next three years behind barbed wire. Their stories of discrimination provide a window into a time when our nation failed to uphold the constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens.

The Time of Remembrance series builds on the legacy of the late Mary Tsukamoto, who devoted her life to promoting social justice.

F, Sa, Su | 9:00 am | C. 15

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ShakespeareMeet the Author

Discover Shakespeare
Fairfax Network partners with the Folger Shakespeare Library to explore the language of the world’s most famous playwright. Professional actors focus on A Midsummer Night’s Dream to show students how to look for text clues to perform.
April 29 | 3:00 pm | C. 15

> Fairfax Network website

In the Video Gallery

PORTSCalifornia State Parks PORTS

The San Juan Unified School District Teaching & Technology Symposium 2014 on April 5 featured technology breakout sessions including the California State Parks PORTS Project. Heather Holm, a Regional Interpretive Specialist illustrated ways to tie common core curriculum to real world applications using free interactive videoconferencing with PORTS Distance Learning. PORTS connects students in their classroom to a live presenter for engaging, thought-provoking studies of California's rich natural and cultural history.

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Sacramento Libraries

The Symposium 2014 also featured technology breakout sessions including an overview of the Sacramento County Libraries and the electronic resources available using a library ecard.

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From CapCUE

Lisa Highfill presents ways to flip your teaching so you can better utilize classroom minutes to explore and apply the Common Core State Standards. Diane Main presents Minecraft EDU, a specialized version of the game that allows a teacher to oversee and control a classroom gaming experience.

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SEVA Award Night


Common Core State Standards
Connection to the SEVA Contest

Rooted in the belief that the video production process engages students in a variety of content areas, the Sacramento Educational Video Awards, or SEVAs, began more than 25 years ago, and the contest’s philosophy is still relevant to classroom learning today, maybe more than ever before.

With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the generation of learners who communicate with technology will integrate these skills they both excel in and enjoy into classroom curriculum. According to the CCSS website, “skills related to media use (both critical analysis and production of media) are integrated throughout the standards.” Creating a multimedia project may end up becoming this today’s students’ version of writing a research paper.

The program’s objective has always been to enhance academic achievement while students learn to work collaboratively in teams and engage in projects that motivate them to remain in school. The contest provides an opportunity for students to share their visions and issues of daily life with their peers and the community on SECC’s educational cable channels, Video Gallery and Student DV show.

SECC celebrates the talents of student video producers and honors the winners and participants at this year's SEVA Award Night on May 5 at the CSUS Ballroom.

JASON LearningUpcoming JASON STEM Career Role Model Live Webcasts

JASON Learning's free, live, interactive webcasts can help inspire kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Webcast features a STEM career role model who explains his or her career path, answers text and video questions from viewers and presents interactive polls.
> Link to the JASON event archive

News 10SEVA Training Series at News10

SEVA Training Series participants spent an informative evening at News10 with reporter Nick Monacelli and learned about Building News Stories. Nick showed examples from their newscasts while he discussed topics including: Finding your Story, Storyboarding, Logging and Scriptwriting, Shooting, Interview Techniques and Finding Your Focus. News10 anchors Dale Schornack and Christina Mendonsa were surprise guests who stopped by to share their thoughts on news broadcasting and answer audience questions.

> Watch in the Video Gallery

Academic Decathlon 20142014 SCOE Academic Decathlon

The Sacramento County Academic Decathlon, held the first Saturday in February of each year, is an academic competition open to high school students from all school districts in Sacramento County.

On February 1, 2014, hundreds of high school students, teachers and community volunteers gathered at Inderkum High School in Sacramento for the 34th Annual Sacramento County Academic Decathlon. This year's theme was "World War I."

During the event, student decathletes participated as a nine member team against other schools. The most exciting and visual part of the competition is a high-energy team event called the Super Quiz, which is open to the public. Teams of students are seated at desks on a gymnasium floor and answer questions posed by a moderator. The correct answers are flashed on a large screen so fans in the bleachers can look on and cheer.

Produced by SECC and the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE).
> View the official decathlon results
> Watch the Super Quiz program online now

National Poetry MonthWebsites to Explore

April is National Poetry Month and there are many online resources to have fun sharing and creating poetry and inspiring your students.

Common Core Connections: The Power of Poetry
The Common Core State Standards explicitly list poetry and its subgenres as an integral part of the range of reading experiences we want students to have. Many of the same literature standards therefore apply. Teachers need to assist students to recognize key ideas and details, to help them notice the craft and structure of poems and to provide opportunities for them to read increasingly complex pieces of poetry. 
Anything and everything about poetry; poems, facts about poets, resources, tools, tips and more. Includes:
> Poetry Near You
Search by state for local events, poets from that state, landmarks, literary organizations and journals. 
> Poem of the Day
> For Educators
> Poet-to-Poet Project
For National Poetry Month 2014, introduces Poet-to-Poet, a multimedia educational project that invites students in grades 3-12 to write poems in response to those shared by some of the award-winning poets who serve on the Academy of American Poets Board of Chancellors. For students to participate, watch the videos of the chancellors reading and discussing one of their poems. Then, write your own poem in response and email it to by April 30, 2014. Include your name and the name of the poet below who has inspired your poem. All student poems are considered for publication on in May 2014.

Making poetry fun for younger children.

Poetry Idea Engine
A poem-building machine by Scholastic.

Poetry apps
Apps specifically for poetry instruction.

Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month with The New York Times
> Listening to Poets in Unexpected Places

The Poetry Foundation
Exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience.