Schedule: Jan 17, 2019

12:00am PST
UCTV: Arts & Music
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV's Arts and Music Programs!
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UCTV: Health & Medicine
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV's Health & Medicine Programs!
6:00am PST
SEVA Studios: Del Campo HS
News programs and informational shows produced by students at Del Campo High School.
6:15am PST
SEVA Studios: John Barrett MS
Student created videos from John Barrett Middle School.
6:30am PST
NASA - Our World - Episode 4
This program supplements existing elementary learning objectives not only in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but also in reading, writing, and visual and performing arts.
8:00am PST
Student Media Day 2017 - TV Engineering
The field of broadcast engineering has been undergoing changes, both in technology and necessary skillsets. The future is very exciting for this field, as the re-design how broadcasting works and implementation of mobile and internet networking will give students a new outlook on where it is headed. Presenter: Gary Cox, Sr. Broadcast Engineer/Chief Operator, KTXL FOX40 monitors and maintains video, radio and computer systems at the station, but also designs and plans the new installation and configuration of these systems in order to keep the station moving forward.
8:40am PST
Elk Grove USD Math Generation: Kinder 3 Act Task - Batey ES
The Elk Grove Unified School District, with generous support from the S.D. Bechtel Foundation, has partnered with nine other districts in the state of California to support the implementation of Common Core State Standards in Mathematics for grades K-8. Our professional development model, called Math Generation, seeks to improve mathematics instruction through developing teacher methods and practices, while guiding schools' efforts to implement professional learning communities in order to advance mathematics in the culture of our schools.
8:50am PST
EGUSD Math Generation: Year Five Overview
Math Generation is a series from the Elk Grove Unified School District that captures best practices and presentations that build knowledge and provide content for PLC work at school sites while teaching Math at Common Core State Standards.
9:00am PST
CRC Encore Class - Principals of Macroeconomics
Cosumnes River College presents part 7 of Economics 302: Principals of Macroeconomics taught by Dennis Meyers from the fall semester of 2014.
11:40am PST
Spirit of San Juan 2017 Honorees
Check out the six Spirit of San Juan 2017 Honorees
12:00pm PST
ARC College Hour - ARC Colloquium: Evaluating Information and Finding Reliable Resources
Resources, readings, and lesson ideas to build skills to evaluate information for credibility, bias and spot “fake news.” Find out how you can find trustworthy sources with your trusty librarians, and share the strategies, tools, etc., that have been effective for you. This session is part of the Fall 2018 ARC Colloquium: Misinformation in the Public Sphere, which addresses the extent of misinformation of all kinds in the world around us, seeks to make us aware of its existence, and proposes conversations about how to deal with it inside and outside the classroom.
1:50pm PST
Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies: The Capital College
The College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies is at the epicenter of Sacramento State's connection to state government. Graduate students Matt Reed and Nichole Hisatomi join the dean of SSIS to discuss work under the Capitol dome.
3:00pm PST
CRC Encore Class - Introduction to Art
Cosumnes River College presents part 26 of Art History 300: Introduction to Art taught by Anni Trent from the fall semester of 2014.
4:10pm PST
Closing the Education Gap: Made at Sac State
Closing the Gap is an all-volunteer nonprofit that screens, funds, and assists programs focused on closing the academic achievement gap in Sacramento area public schools. Sac State’s College of Education partners with Closing the Gap. “The Video Magazine” welcomes guests Cheryl Miles, board president of Closing the Gap, and Sac State and Closing the Gap alumnus Curtis Dao.
4:16pm PST
The Film Program: Made at Sac State - The Video Magazine
Sit back, relax, and get ready to give two thumbs up to Sac State’s film students.
4:22pm PST
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics: Made at Sac State - The Video Magazine
Biology student Stephen Yun joins Dean Jill Trainer on "The Video Magazine" set to talk about student success at Sac State.
4:30pm PST
Coming up on this episode of SEVA TV: We get to school on time, get organized, and find a pen pal. All this and more on SEVA TV!
5:00pm PST
Yale Courses Slate
Welcome to Yale Open Courses
5:00pm PST
Open Yale Courses: The American Novel Since 1945 - 1: Introduction
In this first lecture Professor Hungerford introduces the course's academic requirements and some of its central concerns. She uses a magazine advertisement for James Joyce's Ulysses and an essay by Vladimir Nabokov (author of Lolita, a novel on the syllabus) to establish opposing points of view about what is required to be a competent reader of literature. The contrast between popular emotional appeal and detached artistic judgment frames literary debates from the Modernist, and through the post-45 period. In the second half of lecture, Hungerford shows how the controversies surrounding the publication of Richard Wright's Black Boy highlight the questions of truth, memory, and autobiography that will continue to resurface throughout the course.
5:50pm PST
Sac State Nursing Education
The Sacramento State School of Nursing offers a 21st century education, with leading edge facilities. Students are provided an educational experience that prepares them for a hospital setting and to be better nurses.
6:30pm PST
Science360 - Show 7
In this episode of Science 360 we'll learn about Big Foot...not that Big Foot. Also high performance ceramics, and polluted water in West Virginia.
7:00pm PST
CSU Long BeachTV Talking Points - Fracking the Monterey Shale Formation: Oil Extraction and the Environment
Host Dave Kelly welcomes CSULB College of Natural Science Professor Dr. Richard Behl, a marine sedimentologist who conducts research on land or at sea depending on the problem and time period being addressed. Most of his work focuses on the wonderfully complex Miocene Monterey Formation of California and the spectacular Quaternary record of Santa Barbara Basin.
7:30pm PST
Natomas USD: Building Our Future Part 1
NUSD is enhancing facilities to create 21st century learning opportunities in it's improvements to Bannon Creek School, Natomas Park Elementary, Discovery High School, Natomas Charter School, Westlake Charter School, Leroy Green Academy, and Heron School
7:45pm PST
Water We Do! It’s up to Me and You
An entertaining puppetry video helps children understand threats to rivers, creeks and the ocean. Children learn how to practice conservation and prevent pollution in their community through a series of surprising encounters with various river animals. Sing along with the animals while learning how to keep their homes healthy.
8:30pm PST
Natomas Parent University: 9th Grade to 12th Grade
These Natomas Unified School District’s Parent University video clips cover topics ranging from: Is your student graduation ready, how do i support my English language learn at home, to how can I support my student while applying for college and financial aid.
8:55pm PST
Come join our team, Natomas Unified School District
Come join our team! Natomas Unified is growing and improving – it’s a great place to work in a terrific community to live. Our employees tout some of the district’s assets in this video -- from facilities to technology, wellness, career pathways, college preparation, and a staff that’s committed, collaborative, caring and exemplary. Let us welcome you aboard!
9:30pm PST
UCTV: Best of Week
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV. Check out the Best Of UCTV's Programs!