Schedule: Mar 25, 2023

12:00am PST
UCTV: Public Affairs

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV’s Public Affairs Programs!

3:00am PST
UCTV: Variety

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California — teaching, research and public service — through quality, in-depth television that informs, educates and enriches the lives of people around the globe.

6:30am PST
SEVA Studios: Will Rogers MS (San Juan USD)

Student created videos from Will Rogers Middle School.

6:45am PST
SEVA Studio Profile: Pleasant Grove High School (Elk Grove USD)

Learn about the SEVA Studio inside Pleasant Grove High School.

7:00am PST
NSF Presents Dispatches From The Edge – Episode 42

In this episode of Dispatches From the Edge we’ll learn about the science and studies happening on Native American Reservations.

7:30am PST
NASA Ames: Kenneth Cheung – Building Blocks for Aerostructures

NASA Ames 2016 Summer Series. Strong, ultra-lightweight materials are expected to play a key role in the design of future aircraft and space vehicles. Dr. Kenneth Cheung is developing cellular composite building blocks, or digital materials, to create transformable aerostructures. Lower structural mass leads to improved performance, maneuverability, efficiency, range and payload capacity. In his presentation, Dr. Cheung discusses the implications of the digital materials and morphing structures.

8:30am PST

NASA brings you the latest news, images and videos from America’s space agency, pioneering the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

9:00am PST
NOAA Video Collection 3

NOAA is an agency that enriches life through science. From the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor, they work to keep citizens informed of the changing environment around them.

9:30am PST
STEM in 30: Earth Day: A View from Above

The people of Earth didn’t see a photo of our planet until the late 1960s. Photos of Earth changed the way we think about our planet. In this webcast we look at the beginnings of Earth Day and how a better understanding of our place in the universe has evolved through photographic scientific discoveries.

10:00am PST
Science360 – Show 4

In this episode of Science 360 we’ll learn about infant cognition, bamboo being affected by climate change, and a new virtual reality system. Also we’ll have a Chalk Talk about the electromagnetic spectrum.

10:30am PST
Los Rios (CRC): Anthro Stories – Meet CRC Alumni Marcos, Ella, and Nikki

Anthro Stories is an occasional speaker series that profiles the experiences of anthropologists and their diverse work. We are excited to have our alumni – Marcos, Ella, and Nikki – share their post-CRC academic journeys to university and into the work force. This is a great opportunity to hear about how these students navigated their challenges and discovered opportunities while working toward their degrees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

11:20am PST
PORTS: Program Opening

PORTS Program Opening.

11:20am PST
PORTS: Restore our Bodies, Restore our Earth

Join California State Parks Guide Laura Lowe at Hearst Castle for some fun, heart-pumping exercises to celebrate Earth Day! We’ll move the earth beneath our feet as we learn strategies to restore the Earth through land conservancy, coastal preservation, and water management at this historic state monument.

11:56am PST
PORTS: Program Closing

PORTS Program Closing.

12:00pm PST
SEVA TV: Season 5 – Episode 2

Join us for this season of SEVA TV. In this episode student’s videos focus on the topic of Exploring.

12:30pm PST
Yosemite Stories in Sign Language

Yosemite has a long tradition of welcoming and interpreting for Deaf visitors (since 1979!) and are continually thrilled to witness their connection with the park. They have a year-round ranger providing Deaf services in Yosemite.

1:00pm PST
Twin Rivers USD: Keynote – Robert Sheffield – CORE, “The Science of Reading and Equity”

Twin Rivers Unified School District presents Keynote speaker Robert Sheffield on CORE, “The Science of Reading and Equity.”

1:36pm PST
San Juan USD: Howe Avenue Students Make No Excuses About College Preparation

Howe Avenue has participated in No Excuses University (NEU) for the past eight years, a program designed to engrain the idea for students that their education does not stop after elementary school, middle school and high school.

1:37pm PST
Natomas USD: NUSD Starts the Road to College in Elementary.

Hundreds of NUSD third-graders attended a field trip to Sacramento State University.

1:39pm PST
Elk Grove USD: Black Alliance for Equity in Education

Elk Grove Unified School District’s Black Alliance for Equity in Education.

1:42pm PST
Elk Grove USD: Substitute Appreciation Event

On any given school day, the Elk Grove Unified School District needs over 200 substitute teachers and staff. Join our team.

2:00pm PST
Open Yale Courses: The American Novel Since 1945 – 8: Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Professor Amy Hungerford’s lecture on Kerouac’s On the Road begins by contrasting the Beats’ ambition for language’s direct relation to lived experience with a Modernist sense of difficulty and mediation. She goes on to discuss the ways that desire structures the novel, though not in the ways that we might immediately expect. The very blatant pursuit of sex with women in the novel, for example, obscures the more significant desire for connection among men, particularly the narrator Sal’s love for Dean Moriarty. The apparent desire for the freedom of the open road, too, Hungerford argues, exists in a necessary conjunction with the idealized comforts of a certain middle-class American domesticity, signaled by the repeated appearance of pie.

3:00pm PST
CSU Long Beach: Beach TV Talking Points – America and Russia: A Complicated Relationship

Dr. Andrew Jenks of CSULB’s History Department navigates through the turbulent historical relationship between the USA and Russia, starting in 1867 and leading up to the present day.

3:30pm PST
Innovation Workshop: Harnessing the Sun

Innovation Workshop: Harnessing the Sun highlights the science and engineering of how radiant energy is transformed into other useful forms of energy. By investigating the solar panels on the International Space Station, students discover the power of this renewable energy source. Students watch as a solar airplane makes a historic flight across the United States — without a drop of fuel — revealing innovative design and development. By exploring the power of solar energy, students learn its impact on our lives and its future in energy development.

4:30pm PST
SCOE: 2023 Sacramento County Academic Decathlon Super Quiz

The 2023 Sacramento County Academic Decathlon competition Super Quiz is the ?nal event of the Academic Decathlon. Students compete against one another by answering questions on this year’s topic, “The American Revolution & The New Nation” in a jeopardy style in front of an audience. Note: Winners of the Super Quiz and the Academic Decathlon will not be announced until the Awards dinner on February 8th. The project includes two components: One is to capture the full event so it can be shown at a later date on SECC. Need to decide if you want to capture any video of the winning teams at the awards. The Second is to produce a recap video that can be shown to students/parent at our awards ceremony on the 8th (3.5 days later).

6:00pm PST
SEVA TV: Season 4 – Episode 9

Social Justice – Host Nassali

6:30pm PST
Time of Remembrance: Molly Kimura

This chapter in the Time of Remembrance Oral Histories Project: The Internment Experience, includes first-hand accounts from WWII. Molly Kimura shares stories from the Tule Lake and recollections of Marysville’s pre-war Japantown.

7:00pm PST
Folsom Cordova USD: SEVA Highlight 2021

Check out the 2021 SEVA finalists and winners from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District

7:30pm PST
SEVA Feature: How to Make a Video (Natomas USD)

SEVA Feature from Natomas Unified School District show the steps on how to make a video.

7:33pm PST
SEVA Feature: Get Out and Exercise (San Juan USD)

SEVA Feature from San Juan Unified School District shows why you should get out and exercise.

7:35pm PST
SEVA Feature: How to Ski (Elk Grove USD)

SEVA Feature from the Elk Grove Unified School District instructs others how to ski.

7:40pm PST
SEVA Feature: Swimming Documentary (Natomas USD)

SEVA Feature from Natomas Unified School District documents being a swimmer.

7:44pm PST
SEVA Feature: Athletes During Quarantine (Elk Grove USD)

SEVA Feature from Elk Grove Unified School District highlighting athletes during quarantine.

8:18pm PST ON NOW
UCTV: Death In Venice

Moderator Stephanie Malia Hom joined Professor Joan Roman Resina to discuss Death in Venice and the work of filmmaker Luchino Visconti. Resina contextualized the film within the larger context of Visconti’s German trilogy and his long, storied career. He also discussed the film’s adaptation from the Thomas Mann novella. Resina examined the idea of decadence in the film and the aristocratic Venetian milieus, as well as the film’s larger commentary on art and beauty across the mediums of literature, music, and cinema.

9:00pm PST
UCTV: Arts & Music – 2 hrs

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV’s Arts and Music Programs!