Schedule: Mar 20, 2019

12:00am PST
UCTV: Health & Medicine
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV's Health & Medicine Programs!
3:00am PST
6:00am PST
SEVA Studios: Sutter Middle School
News and videos from Sutter Middle School in the Sacramento Unified School District.
6:30am PST
STEM in 30: Mars Rovers
There are two separate rovers traversing Mars this instant. It took many people and thousands of parts (many of them made of titanium) to build these rovers. In this episode of STEM in 30, we explore the construction of the Mars rovers as well as the science that is being done 140 million miles away on the Red Planet.
7:00am PST
CSU Long Beach: BeachTV Talking Points – Fashion Design and Consumer Response
Dr. Young Ha, Associate Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Design, explains why fashion trends occur and how consumers react with a combination of conformity and individuality.
7:30am PST
Beginning Yoga 10 – Hip Openers
This class will concentrate predominantly on the hips and several poses that will open them in one way or another to promote strength, mobility and balance.
8:00am PST
CRC Encore Class – Art Survey: Modern Art
Cosumnes River College presents part 18 of Art History 311: Modern Art taught by Anni Trent from the spring semester of 2015.
9:30am PST
NUSD’s New 2018 Teacher of the Year
NUSD's New 2018 Teacher of the Year: Stephanie Schulzkump, Jefferson School
9:31am PST
Science360 – Show 10
In this episode of Science 360 we'll learn about cyber security, the science of dam removal, and cochlear implants. Also we'll have a Chalk Talk about electromagnetic radiation.
10:00am PST
Science360 – Show 11
In this episode of Science 360 we'll learn about the Doppler On Wheels, how dragonflies fly, cleaning reclaimed water, and more!
10:30am PST
Natomas Parent University: Early Learning Preschool to Transitional Kindergarten
These Natomas Unified School District’s Parent University video clips cover topics ranging from: The important milestones in a Pre Kindergarten student’s life, why should students attend Pre Kindergarten classes, and why attendance in Pre Kindergarten classes matters to your child’s success in High School.
11:00am PST
NSF Presents Dispatches From The Edge – Episode 14
In this episode of Dispatches From the Edge we'll learn about robots, concrete, and the human heart!
11:30am PST
Student DV #146
Coming up on this episode of student DV, we put an end to procrastination, become more productive, and prepare for job interviews. Stay tuned for all this and more on this episode of Student DV.
12:00pm PST ON NOW
CRC Encore Class – Child Development
Cosumnes River College presents part 23 of ECE 312: Child Development taught by Iris Dimond from the spring semester of 2015.
1:30pm PST
Meet the Author: Natalie Dias Lorenzi
Natalie Dias Lorenzi discusses her novel, Flying the Dragon, shares her insights about the writing process.
2:00pm PST
SEVA Studios Profile: Del Campo High School
Learn about Del Campo High School's SEVA Studio and media program led by Brian Weitzel!
2:05pm PST
San Juan USD: Student Data Privacy – Part 3
Alan Simpson & Marsali S. Hancock of iKeepSafe discuss teaching privacy awareness. Presented by the San Juan Unified School District.
3:00pm PST
STEM in 30: Live Downlink with the International Space Station & Serena Auñón-Chancellor
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in space? Find out what it's like in this downlink by STEM in 30. In conjunction with Future Engineers students talked with NASA astronaut Dr. Serena Auñón-Chancellor about 3D printing, and what it's like to be on the International Space Station.
4:00pm PST
ATETV – Advanced Technological Education TV – Show 5
Advanced Technological Education teaches students and teachers about job opportunities in science and technology on this episode of ATETV.
4:30pm PST
Sac City Unified’s Elementary Sports Program Will Serve Over 22,000 Kids
Sacramento City Unified School District has launched an elementary sports program that will serve over 22,000 children participating in sports throughout the year at all elementary schools. The new sports program is good for kids and will also boost student attendance rates. Kids will have the opportunity to play flag football in the fall, basketball in the spring, or participate in a running program that runs year-round.
4:45pm PST
Tides of Change – Olympic National Park
As the climate changes, many early signs will appear on the ocean shores. This film takes us to Olympic National Park’s wild coast and follows marine ecologist Dr. Steve Fradkin as he studies the changing rocky intertidal zone.
5:00pm PST
STEM in 30: Ask an Astronaut with Randy Bresnik and Paolo Nespoli
NASA astronaut Randy “Komrade” Bresnik and ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli join STEM in 30 to talk about their recent six-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS).
5:30pm PST
Student DV #147
Coming up on this episode of student DV, we play with color, tie balloon animals, and make fluffy slime. Stay tuned for all this and more on Student DV.
6:15pm PST
Innovation Workshop: Electronic Circuits
The innovation of the integrated circuit has revolutionized the kind of electronics that we can build and allows us to make cooler gadgets to lead high-tech lives. Inside cell phones, computers, watches, and even cars, electronic circuits help process, store, and share information. By examining the manufacturing process, students learn how complicated and precise electronic circuits have become.
6:30pm PST
CSU Long Beach: BeachTV Talking Points – Data Dominance and the Software-Driven World
Robert Tercek, digital pioneer and author of the book "Vaporized", summarizes the consequences of powerful software, smartphones and automation for the economy, business and jobs.
7:00pm PST
String Project Concert 2015
The String Project provides group lessons in violin and cello for children taught by the dedicated and talented CSUS School of Music undergraduate and graduate teachers. Friends and families enjoyed a concert by the students of the String Project.
8:00pm PST
UCTV: Ethical Boundaries of Research with Human Embryos – Exploring Ethics
Since stem cells were first cultured from human embryos in 1998, the ethical considerations surrounding this technology have been widely debated, leading to establishment of limits on how this research is conducted and funded. Learn more about these scientific advances, the implications of these discoveries for human health, and consider how ethical norms can best be integrated into research and practice.
9:30pm PST
UCTV: Public Affairs
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV's Public Affairs Programs!
11:00pm PST
UCTV: Variety
Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation's premier research university, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California -- teaching, research and public service -- through quality, in-depth television that informs, educates and enriches the lives of people around the globe.