Schedule: Oct 28, 2020

12:00am PST
Classic Arts
Performance. Visual arts. Film. Classic Arts Showcase is designed to inspire new audiences by showcasing video clips of the arts.
3:00am PST
NASA brings you the latest news, images and videos from America's space agency, pioneering the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.
6:30am PST
SEVA Studios: McCaffrey – KDOG News – Rotating Program (Galt JUESD)
Check out McCaffrey Middle School News for all the latest events and information straight from the halls of Robert L. McCaffrey Middle!
6:45am PST
SEVA Studios: Cosumnes Oak HS (Elk Grove USD)
Student created videos from Cosumnes Oaks High School.
7:00am PST
Cosumnes River College presents part 10 of Nutrition 300 taught by Timaree Hagenburger from the fall semester of 2014.
8:17am PST
STEM in 30: Solar Eclipse Special
Our STEM in 30 crew celebrated the 2017 Great American Eclipse live from Liberty, Missouri, in the path of totality, and at the Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.
9:00am PST
National Gallery of Art: Joan Miró – The Ladder of Escape
This documentary, narrated by Ed Harris, was produced by the National Gallery of Art in conjunction with the exhibition Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape. Joan Miró was passionately committed to his native Catalonia and its struggle for independence from Spain. But he also longed to escape into artistic freedom. This tension drove his art in strange and beautiful ways. Miró was by turns influenced by Dada, surrealism, and abstract expressionism. His changes in styles and subjects also reflected the horrific events of the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the dictatorship of Franco. This documentary includes original footage shot in Barcelona and Catalonia, images of Miró's paintings and sculpture, and archival footage and photos.
9:28am PST
National Gallery of Art: Los Angeles to New York – Dwan Gallery
This film is made in conjunction with the exhibition Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959–1971, on view from September 30, 2016, to January 29, 2017. Produced by the Department of Exhibition Programs, the film follows the career of Virginia Dwan, who opened her first art gallery in Los Angeles in 1959 and went on to organize dozens of exhibitions of remarkable range, representing movements as diverse as abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, conceptualism, and land art. In her earliest days as a dealer, Dwan brought New York art and artists – Larry Rivers, Franz Kline, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, among others – to a West Coast audience and supported young French artists, including Yves Klein. The opening of a New York location in 1965 made Dwan Gallery the country’s first bicoastal gallery. There Dwan’s aesthetic shifted toward the spare, restrained look of minimalism. In 1971 she abandoned her career as a dealer and focused on supporting ambitious earthworks, such as Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty – a 1,500-foot coiled sculpture on the shore of Great Salt Lake in Utah. The film includes a new interview with Virginia Dwan, comments from Claes Oldenburg and Charles Ross, whose work she supported, and archival footage of the exhibitions and happenings she sponsored in the 1960s. The film was made possible by the HRH Foundation.
10:00am PST
Art History 300: Part 23
Cosumnes River College presents part 23 of Art History 300: Introduction to Art taught by Anni Trent from the spring semester of 2015.
11:08am PST
California DWR: Climate Conversations
The California Department of Water Resources discusses the effects of climate change
11:30am PST
Galt JUHSD: SEVA Highlight 2017
Check out the 2017 SEVA finalists and winners from the Galt Joint Union High School District
11:39am PST
Galt JUHSD: SEVA Highlight 2018
Check out the 2018 SEVA finalists and winners from the Galt Joint Union High School District
11:43am PST
Galt JUESD: Checking in with Galt Elementary – How to Login to Khan Academy & Illuminate
The primary goal for the video is to share instruction, consistent updates and new information to the families and community of Galt.
11:48am PST
Fairfax: Virginia’s First People
Dr. Helen Rountree — Professor Emerita of Anthropology at Old Dominion University — and Dr. Michael Barber — State Archaeologist with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources — discuss the history, culture, geography, and language of Virginia’s First People.
12:30pm PST
Elk Grove USD: Early Literacy Workshops – Writing
Elk Grove Unified School District's Family Engagement Resources Teacher Nancy Lopez runs a workshop at Kirchgater Elementary on the best ways to help improve children's writing skills.
1:30pm PST
CSUS: The Ethics of Policing: Police Training and Socialization
Session #6: Police Training and Socialization Main Speaker: Ryan Getty, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, California State University, Sacramento Abstract: Police are essentially gleaned from a biased sample; those who sincerely want to become police are those who apply. If an applicant is not deemed “suitable” by the organization’s standards, they are dropped from the hiring process. The next step in organizational suitability is successful completion of the academy. Here is where some socialization occurs but uniformity within general standards is expected. If a recruit passes all these steps, he or she enters field training. This is systematic training done by senior officers and/or field training officers. This is the first stage at which unique behaviours are modeled and socialization becomes apparent to the department and citizens. These modeled behaviours can have a tremendous impact on organizations and the officers’ career trajectory. Additional Panelists for this Session: Chong Choe-Smith, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, California State University, Sacramento Lance Kennix, B.A. Philosophy (‘08)
3:00pm PST
English for All Slate
English for All is for adults learning English as a second language and incorporates California ESL standards.
3:00pm PST
English for All #20: Learning to Learn
English for All is for adults learning English as a second language and incorporates California ESL standards.
3:17pm PST
Water We Do! It’s up to Me and You
An entertaining puppetry video helps children understand threats to rivers, creeks and the ocean. Children learn how to practice conservation and prevent pollution in their community through a series of surprising encounters with various river animals. Sing along with the animals while learning how to keep their homes healthy.
4:00pm PST
SCOE: Let’s Learn English – Lessons 6-10
"In the Let's Learn English series for English learners, you will meet Anna Matteo, who moves to Washington, D.C, gets a job, makes friends, and does many fun activities. These Voice of America videos are used in the USA Learns course, which includes additional learning activities. (For even more English practice, consider taking the free USA Learns English 1 Plus course.) Lesson 6: Where Is the Gym? Lesson 7: What Are You Doing? Lesson 8: Are You Busy? Lesson 9: Is It Cold? Lesson 10: Come Over to My Place"
4:30pm PST
Putting English to Work: Slate
Putting English to Work uses a story format to teach traditional grammar structure, vocabulary, sentence construction, comprehension and problem solving and skills needed to find employment and excel in the work place.
4:30pm PST
Putting English to Work 1: A Job Interview
Putting English to Work uses a story format to teach traditional grammar structure, vocabulary, sentence construction, comprehension and problem solving and skills needed to find employment and excel in the work place.
5:00pm PST
Ingles Y Tu!: Unit 3 Review (9-11)
San Juan Unified School District Adult Education reaches out to the community by offering classes to help students in a variety of areas. The Unit 3 Review of Ingles Y Tu! with host Marisol Richmond.
6:00pm PST
CRC Encore Class – Intermediate Algebra
Cosumnes River College presents part 26 of Math 120: Intermediate Algebra taught by B. Sanchez from the spring semester of 2015.
7:20pm PST
UCTV: On Beyond – Big Data, Computer Vision, Groundwater, A Robot Parade
Cutting edge technology to combat the constant threat of wildfires in California. Hands-on experience in designing, building and programming robots. Looking for better ways to capture runoff and use it to not only increase groundwater quantity, but also quality, and research and applications of computer vision.
8:26pm PST
UCTV: Script to Screen – Seinfeld
"Writer/Producer David Mandel talked with Pollock Theater Director Matt Ryan about the challenges and successes involved in breaking the mold of Seinfeld and transporting the sitcom to an alternate universe."