Schedule: Jun 28, 2022

12:00am PST
UCTV: Humanities

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV’s Humanities Programs!

3:00am PST
UCTV: Arts & Music

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV’s Arts and Music Programs!

6:30am PST
SEVA Studios: Del Paso Manor ES (San Juan USD)

The latest news and events from Del Paso Manor Elementary School.

6:45am PST
SEVA Studios: Churchill MS (San Juan USD)

Student created videos from Winston Churchill Middle School.

7:00am PST
NSF Presents Dispatches From The Edge – Episode 41

In this episode of Dispatches From the Edge we’ll learn about how spinach might help a damaged heart, fire tornados, infant literacy!

7:30am PST
NASA Ames: Mark Kasevich – Quantum Mechanics at Macroscopic Scales

NASA Ames 2016 Summer Series. The underpinning of the universe is quantum mechanics. Atom interferometry uses the wave characteristics of atoms to investigate fundamental physics and advance our understanding of the macroscopic world. It can be used to explain the observed particle and wave nature of atoms. Dr. Mark Kasevich delves into the world of atom interferometry, gravitational waves and quantum sensors.

8:30am PST

NASA brings you the latest news, images and videos from America’s space agency, pioneering the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

9:00am PST
NOAA Video Collection 1

NOAA is an agency that enriches life through science. From the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor, they work to keep citizens informed of the changing environment around them.

9:30am PST
STEM in 30: The Engineering Behind a Record-Breaking Skydive

On October 24, 2014, Alan Eustace set three world records when he jumped from the stratosphere, including highest exit altitude. Achieving this record took a lot of engineering. On this episode of STEM in 30, follow the path of the suit Eustace wore from concept to design and from production to execution.

10:00am PST
Science360 – Show 6

In this episode of Science 360 we’ll learn about Monarch Butterflies, how a cactus can help clean polluted water, and a new use for porcupine quills. Also we’ll sit down with Dr. Susan Goldin-Meadow to talk about gestures.

10:30am PST
Science How? Mass Extinction – Solving the Dinosaur Mystery with Kirk Johnson

The Fairfax Network Presents: Science How? Mass Extinction: Solving the Dinosaur Mystery with Kirk Johnson

11:00am PST
PORTS: Program Opening

PORTS Program Opening.

11:00am PST
PORTS: Take 3 for the Sea with Gaviota State Park!

Join California State Parks Interpreter Parker Grand at Gaviota State Park to discover the origins of Earth Day in the Santa Barbara Channel! Find out how we can protect our oceans and natural systems for the future.

11:34am PST
PORTS: Program Closing

PORTS Program Closing.

11:34am PST
NASA Ames: Jin-Woo Han – Vacuum Electronics in an Nanometer Era

NASA Ames 2016 Summer Series. Modern space vehicles rely on transistors. Radiation tolerance of space electronics is critical for space exploration beyond low Earth orbit. Dr. Jin-Woo Han’s presentation discusses advancements in the use of vacuums to improve radiation immunity in space circuitry.

12:30pm PST
Yosemite National Park: Nature Notes – Part 2

Yosemite Nature Notes is a video podcast series that tells unique stories about the natural and human history of Yosemite National Park.

1:00pm PST
San Juan USD: Intro to Restorative Practices at Home

San Juan Unified School District’s Intro to Restorative Practices at Home.

1:33pm PST
San Juan USD: Becoming an Effective Communicator

San Juan Unified School District presents Becoming an Effective Communicator.

2:00pm PST
Open Yale Courses: The American Novel Since 1945 – 12: Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49

Professor Hungerford introduces this lecture by reviewing the ways that authors on the syllabus up to this point have dealt with the relationship between language and life, that collection of elusive or obvious things that for literary critics fall under the category of “the Real.” The Real can shout out from a work of art, as it sometimes does in Black Boy, or haunt it, as in Lolita. It can elude authors like Kerouac and Barth for widely different reasons. Placing Pynchon firmly in the context of the political upheaval of the 1960s that he is often seen to avoid, Hungerford argues that Pynchon–no less than a writer of faith like Flannery O’Connor–is deeply invested in questions of meaning and emotional response, so that The Crying of Lot 49 is a sincere call for connection, and a lament for loss, as much as it is an ironic, playful puzzle.

3:00pm PST
CSU Long Beach: BeachTV Talking Points – Economic Trends in International Trade

Dr. Tom O’Brien, Executive Director of CSULB’s Center for International Trade and Transportation, discusses the headwinds buffeting world trade, consumer trends and international shipping.

3:30pm PST
Passport: Innovation Workshop: Building Discovery

In this show we focus on the engineering and science of how the space shuttles were built and operated. We will understand the creation of the reusable space plane through demonstrations, archival footage, and interviews with experts.

4:30pm PST
JFK Library: A Conversation With Billy Collins

Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins discusses poetry with writer and former New Yorker editor, Daniel Menaker.

6:00pm PST
SEVA TV: Season 3 – Episode 15

A showcase of SEVA entries with hosts and interviews with students over Zoom. Topic: Social Justice.

6:30pm PST
Library of Congress: My Secret Autobiography: The Letters of Francis James Child to William Ellery Sedgwick

Folklorist Michael Bell discussed ballad scholar Francis James Child. Beginning in 1846, soon after his graduation from Harvard College, Child — a Harvard professor, eventual first president of the American Folklore Society and the greatest ballad scholar of the 19th century — began what would become a 20-year correspondence with his closest college friend and future brother-in-law, William Ellery Sedgwick. Based on this cache of letters contained among the Sedgwick family papers deposited at the Massachusetts Historical Society, Bell’s presentation examined this “secret autobiography” for what it reveals about Child the man; his hopes, dreams and frustrations and his growing involvement in the intellectual and social cultures of late antebellum Cambridge.

7:30pm PST
SEVA Feature: Athletes During Quarantine (Elk Grove USD)

SEVA Feature from Elk Grove Unified School District highlighting athletes during quarantine.

7:33pm PST
SEVA Feature: How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow (San Juan USD)

SEVA Feature from San Juan Unified School District giving step by step instructions on how to shoot a bow and arrow.

7:37pm PST
SEVA Feature: Swimming Documentary (Natomas USD)

SEVA Feature from Natomas Unified School District documents being a swimmer.

7:41pm PST
SEVA Feature: How to Ski (Elk Grove USD)

SEVA Feature from the Elk Grove Unified School District instructs others how to ski.

7:45pm PST
SEVA Feature: The Importance of Physical Activity (San Juan USD)

SEVA Feature from San Juan Unified School District highlights the importance of physical activity.

7:48pm PST
SEVA Feature: Get Out and Exercise (San Juan USD)

SEVA Feature from San Juan Unified School District shows why you should get out and exercise.

8:19pm PST
JFK Library: 2018 Profile in Courage Award Ceremony

Watch the 2018 Profile in Courage Award Ceremony live at 8:20pm EST on Sunday May 20 as New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is honored for his leadership in removing four of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans while offering candid, clear and compassionate reflections on the moment and its place in history.

9:00pm PST
UCTV: Science

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV. Check out the UCTV’s Science Programs!

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UCTV: Variety

Showcasing the excellence and diversity of the nation’s premier research university, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California — teaching, research and public service — through quality, in-depth television that informs, educates and enriches the lives of people around the globe.