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SECC's annual SEVA contest celebrates the talents of student video producers.

30 Years SECC

SECC's History

On August 26, 1985, eight South Natomas residents tuned in, for the first time, to cable television, and the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium (SECC) aired, for the first time, programming on one channel. Cable television was activated that day and SECC was the only community channel ready to provide programming. Then, SECC’s 50 hours a week of prerecorded programs were an enormous accomplishment, especially with a two-person staff. Today, SECC’s viewers watch programming 24/7 on two channels: Cable 15 & 16. SECC is part of Sacramento’s community cable channels along with Access Sacramento, KVIE’s Cable 7 and Metro Cable. 

Establishing an Educational Channel
SECC’s creation began in the 1970s when a group of progressive educators formed a consortium comprising the area’s educational institutions to negotiate with cable franchising authorities. When cable arrived in Sacramento in 1985, the educational community worked with the cable company to establish an exemplary educational channel. The challenge for this partnership was to break down traditional education and business barriers to achieve similar goals.

The process involved developing an SECC board of directors, constituents and policies. Even today, each member organization has one voting board member, so the largest university and the smallest K-12 district are equal. No single organization dominates the consortium, and this concept ensured the success that has endured all these years. 

The cable company and other businesses have partnered with SECC over the years in areas that match their own goals. To help promote the use of educational cable, Comcast provided a free connection for all Sacramento schools. The cable company also assisted in establishing local school site television studios and cosponsored teacher education events. 

Programs and Resources
Today, SECC reaches Sacramento’s lifelong learners in homes and schools through a variety of transmission methods giving viewers the opportunity to learn in the way most convenient for them. Cable programs reach across the borders of classroom walls — classic arts, electronic fieldtrips to places that might otherwise be inaccessible, science and technology programs and NASA space trips.
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SEVA Contest

Students K-20 share their visions through the SEVA contest — Student Educational Video Awards. With categories including School News & Stories. Creative Expression, Documentary, Instructional and Public Service Announcements (PSA), students can incorporate video production into the curriculum and merge basic writing and literacy skills with more complex challenges such as analyzing media content, managing resources and working with deadlines. The contest celebrates the talents of student video producers and honors the winners and participants at SECC’s annual SEVA Award Night, a spirited evening event that draws more than 1000 students, teachers and parents.
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SEVA Training Series

SECC's SEVA Training Series provides resources, techniques and inspiration to teachers and students interested in video production. The evening sessions are videotaped and shown on the cable channels and in the Video Gallery. These events help participants join interactive conversations, network with other teachers using media and find new resources to incorporate into classroom video production.

Sacramento area students benefit form the creation of an exciting resource called BESTNet (Broadband Education Services Technology Network). Spearheaded by SECC, the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission and Comcast, this network is described as Sacramento’s educational technology gateway. BESTNet is a shared vision of the educational community that affects and improves technology for Sacramento’s students and teachers. BESTNet is a high-speed network that connects all SECC K-20 member educational institutions and also an instrument to unlimited access of places and ideas throughout the world and beyond.

SECC and BESTNet are funded in part by The Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Telelvision Commission.

Mission Statement 

SECC’s mission is to provide quality educational resources to learners of all ages in the greater Sacramento community primarily through video and other information and communication technologies via cable systems and networks. SECC is a collaborative effort of the K-20 education community all working together toward this mission.

Board of Directors


Mitchel Benson

Los Rios Community College District 
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Michael Borgaard

Elverta Joint School District 
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Dr. Gerri Smith

CSUS, Sacramento
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Carl Fahle
San Juan Unified School District 
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John Fleischman

Sacramento County Office of Education 
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Angela Herrera

Natomas Unified School District
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Terry Kritsepis

Folsom Cordova Unified School District 
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Mark Lawler

Robla School District
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Elliot Lopez

Sacramento City Unified School District 
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Marvin Lord

Center Unified School District
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Steve Mate

Elk Grove Unified School District 
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Robert Nacario

Galt Joint Union Elementary School District 
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Joe Parente

Process Theatre, Inc.  
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Matthew Roberts

Galt Joint Union High School District  
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Jim Shock

Aroche Union School District 
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Russ Sulken

Twin Rivers Unified School District 
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Location and Staff

SECC Office
3780 Rosin Court, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834
916-920-1006 Fax 916-922-2637  
email: secc@secctv.org 

Elizabeth Rhodes

Executive Director 

Doug Niva

Director of Production Services and Content

Lynn Marlowe

Communications Manager

Abby Pane Jaske

Assistant Producer of Content  

Doris Ozuna

Program/Office Assistant

Ilana Hack

Administrative Staff and Production Assistant

Board Meetings

SECC board meetings are held every other month on the second Thursday at 12:00 pm at the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE).
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Educational Partners

Educational partners include the K-20 consortium member school districts and institutions listed above and the following organizations:

California Department of Education
SECC works with the California Department of Education to develop programming and provide input on using cable television as a technological resource. SECC also accesses educational teleconferences through the department for local educators, administrators and parents.

Comcast Cable Television
Comcast supports educational cable television through a free cable drop at nearly 400 area schools and promotes educational cable through PSAs, event sponsorship and more. As part of its educational support, Comcast is a SEVA Award Night sponsor.

> Information on Standard Cable in Schools and Extended Wiring and Trouble Shooting Existing Cable Systems in Schools (pdf)

Community Cable Channels
SECC Cable 15 & 16 form the educational component of Sacramento’s community cable channels which also include Access Sacramento, Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission and religious access. Additional educational cable television programming is provided by KVIE 7.

Sacramento County Office of Education
SECC and the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) work together to create a variety of resources for educators and students.

Consolidated Communications
Consolidated Communications provides BESTNet connections for schools in its service.